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Luxemburgstraat 5 NL-5171 PK Kaatsheuvel Postbus 258 NL-5170 AG Kaatsheuvel tel.: +31 (0)416 274067 fax: +31 (0)416 282430 e: info@shoe-factory.nl
About us The Shoe Factory! The Shoe Factory once started completely in line with the traditions of “De Langstraat”, a region in the south of Holland, with stitching and die-cutting for the shoe-industry. At this moment, 4 decades later, shoes are mainly imported from Asia and partially from European countries such as Italy, Germany and Spain. With the import of shoes from the Far East the branch faced completely other problems like damages of product or packaging, mould or the missing of the right touch. Our knowledge and services we have therefore adapted to the demands from the market over the years. Where are we good at: Recondition of leather and PU products. Manufacturing leather. Labelling, repackaging and handling of bulk. Traditionally we aim at the shoe industry and we are recognised by our:  product knowledge, flexibility, capacity and service. Mainly through the enormous amount of knowledge from our production leaders also people from other branches like furniture, bags, belts and leather jackets find their way to us. Working with The Shoe Factory means that you can deliver quick, profitable and environmentally conscious and you can keep your customers satisfied! The Shoe Factory, your shoes deserve it!   
About us